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From: GiovDayman (Original Message) Sent: 26/02/2006 5:09 PM
Does anyone know what the class handicap is for a Top Hat.
ie the time correction factor. It is probably somewhere between 580 and 630.
John Dayman


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From: BigLofty4 Sent: 1/03/2006 1:27 AM
John, I am not sure if this will answer your question, which is a very interesting one. I have been talking to a few people here in Sydney, including our Club Secretary, who computes our pointscores and determines placings in races. Your question implies (correct me if I am wong) that there is some fixed Time Correction Factor (TCF) for the Top Hat. My information is that the value is not absolute but relative, and depends on the class, dimensions and capabilities of the yachts against which you race. For example, my handicap at my Club is .596 (I'm not complaining!), but were I to cross the harbour and race with the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron or somesuch club, my handicap would be quite different. This suggests that it might be better to talk to your club officials, particularly your Handicapper, who may come up with a figure relative to the races you contest. Anyway, an interesting topic, and I would like to hear more opinions.

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From: GiovDayman Sent: 1/03/2006 2:12 PM
Yes it is club, boat and crew ability specific, but there is a "class
handicap" established for set designes ie Adams 10's, SS34's, etc Probably
anyone who knows isn't in Top Hats anymore as it's been so long since they
have raced competitively. But your current handicap and the various we have
raced at ie 585 - 640 indicate that about 600 is about correct.
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